About Us

A setting dictates the tone. It is the host and purveyor of experience. It can alter mood, inspire action and command attention.

Scepter Industries understands the uplifting impact of a beautiful space. To that end, Scepter is committed to the impeccable articulation of interior and exterior spaces, bringing to life the design process through fabrication and implementation.

With a diverse portfolio of magical spaces, Scepter stands apart in an industry quickly moving towards standardization. Our passion for our craft involves us in every detail of the process, from solutions customized to meet the budget to troubleshooting off the plans and on the site. Scepter is the point at which design, functionality and workmanship meet.


Our Vision

The beauty often lies in the details. The seamless transition from plans to finished product involves our scrutiny at every step of the project. Our attention focuses out to the overall concerns of timelines and budget, and then back in to the resolution of the finest details. Our ability to approach the entire sphere of each project ensures that each job is successfully completed; but more importantly, that the greater vision is realized.